Education Solutions

Education Solution
Library Management System

Library Management Software

Library Management System is a software used to manages the catalog of a library.  This helps to keep the records of whole transactions of the books available in the library.

MAK Tree provides Library Management System which is very easy to use and fulfills all the requirement of a librarian. There are many features which helps librarian to keep records of available books as well as issued books. This software is available in both mode i.e. web-based or local host based.  We provide best Library Management System of this planet.

Student Information Management System

Student Information Management System

MAK tree provides Student information management system, which is full featured software solution. It is a transactional software that captures all information of a student right from enrollment all the way thru graduation. Every single transaction in the form of attendance, grade book, report card, discipline, billing and transcript is recorded and maintained over multiple years. A student's past information is available at a click of a mouse.

Campus Management System

Campus Management System

Digitized data. Informed stakeholders. Smart institutions

Campus Management System application built on top of our Digital Enablement & Enrichment Platform (DEEP) helps educational institutions and universities to achieve and enhance a comprehensive digital footprint. The system improves efficiency across the educational processes by giving students, parents and teachers real-time access and alerts around, application filing, admissions, timetable, transportation, location tracking, hostel facility, automated attendance, exam details, session details, payments and accounting through mobile and web apps.

Document Management System

Document Management System (DMS) Software

We make Document Management Easy, Efficient and Affordable.

MAK Tree document Management Software is useful in almost all industries. Some of the immediate benefits of this software are digitizing paper documents such as administration process forms, simplifying workflow and improving collaboration with other branches and institutions.

Scanning and converting paper documents is a greener approach that offers the added benefits of automating the flow of information and making it more readily-accessible when needed.

Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS)

Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS)

digitized documents . informative data . smart decisions

MAK Tree Digital Document Management System (EDMS) application, developed from our DEEP platform, enables organizations to onboard all their data files – unstructured, semi-structured and structured - and manage digitized documents efficiently for quicker decision making. EDMS handles your enterprise document management requirements end-to-end. The application captures paper documents, manages content workflow, records, enables quick search, and archives documents to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.