MAK Tree Logistics

Mobile Application Development

Logistics management involves multiple parties, reacquiring capabilities in contracting, vendor management, scheduling, and coordination, monitoring and sharing of information. Transportation is one of the major components of logistics, which automatically gives rise to a host of related issues, such as route planning, scheduling, vehicle placement transit adherence, addressing damage/loss, etc. Given the complexities by way of volumes, scale, and geographic spread of operation of logistic services providers, any process implementation is a challenge and needs to be backed up by appropriate information and monitoring system. Scientific tools need to be used extensively to aid data based decision making involving large volumes of data.

Information technologies is considered as the backbone of the logistics industry. The integration   between   technology   and logistics has become a key for successful planning and transportation of goods from suppliers to consumers. Building on the success and experience gathered working with one of our client, our team worked on ways to create a business solution for Logistics services providers which would make logistics and supply chain management even more streamlined and efficient than it has ever been. The result is MAK Tree Logistics which has transformed the way our clients manage their business. MAK Tree Logistics is a comprehensive (trade) & logistics software that provides best in class, end to end supply chain visibility and implementation services that are well aligned to the goals of our customers.

Logistics Modules

Booking Operation

  • Goods Consignment
  • Automated Freight Rates
  • Automated Trip sheet Loading
  • Route Based Trip sheet Management
  • Transportation Planning and Execution
  • Godown Stock Report
  • Reports and Analysis


  • Multiple Transshipment
  • Unloading
  • Short/Excess Article


  • Door Delivery Support
  • Paid, To Pay, Partial Pay Feature
  • Demurrage Settings
  • Invoice
  • Crossing Memo
  • Check Post Tracking

Tracking (Online)

  • Online Customers Support
  • Intelligent Consignment Tracking


  • Users
  • Roles
  • Access Rights
  • Job Accounting

Other modules

  • Finance
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Bank Challans & Reconciliation
  • Statutory Reports
  • MIS Reports


  • Multiple-Phase Automation
  • Dash Board
  • Centralized Administrative Controls
  • Automated Freight Calculation
  • Multiple Companies in Single Interface
  • Versatile Commission Setting
  • Centrally Controlled Invoice Rate Settings
  • Branch Wise Demurrage Settings
  • Inter Branch Synchronization
  • Automated Trip Loading
  • Multi Branch Customer
  • Operational Accounting
  • Multi-Phase Automation
  • Online Customer Support
  • Automatic Remote Data Backup
  • User Friendly Local Data Backup


  • Improved Supplier Collaboration
  • Increased supply chain and reliability
  • Reduced transportation expenditure
  • Better utilization of fleets and freight movement
  • Document creation and management
  • Evaluation of performance by each branch
  • Facilitate the commercial trade process among buyer, seller, and banks from purchase order to payment
  • Improved supplier relations with the help of order management, shipment and payment Automation tools
  • Complete control on financial transactions at branch levels
  • Predictable delivery times