Security Solutions

MAK Tree Security Solution

MAK Tree focuses on assisting clients in identifying and mitigating their security challenges.

  • Biometric Solutions
  • RFID Solutions
  • Surveillance Solutions
  • Safety Solutions

Why are the biggest brands choosing MAK Tree Security Solution?

Abundant Industry Knowledge

We have Years of industry experience in providing integrated security solutions. We provide solutions to small, medium and large organizations meet their security and attendance needs. We have experience in providing standalone and enterprise solutions. We can integrate our solutions with HRMS, Payroll, ERP systems.

Advanced Technology Solutions

We partner with leading manufacturers of security solutions to provide best in class products. We offer RFID Smart Card, Fingerprint, Hand Geometry, Face Recognition technology solutions.

Personalized Attention

We support clients with personalized attention and provide customized solutions. We analyse your requirement and implement the best possible solution.

Experienced Software Development Team

Our software development team is capable of developing solutions as per client needs and best in class product to integrate solutions to your existing applications.

MAK Tree Security


  • Card Based System
  • FingerPrint Based System
  • Facial Recognition System


  • Asset Tracking Solutions
  • Inventory Tracking Solution
  • People Tracking Solutions
  • Vehicle Tracking Solution
  • Student Tracking & Management


  • Door Access Solutions
  • Vehicle Access Solutions
  • Long Range Access Solutions
  • Controlled Access Barrier Solutions
  • Hotel Lock Solutions
  • Card Access Control
  • Fingerprint Access Control System
  • Controller Based Access Control System

CCTV Surveillance

MAK Tree offers high quality CCTV Surveillance Systems and DVRs at a cost-effective rate. We offer a wide selection of CCTV cameras and DVR/NVR built to meet the needs of every unique surveillance application. MAK Tree Security Solution CCTV and DVR/NVR is a reliable solution for houses, small, medium and large organizations.

MAK Tree CCTV Solutions include:

  • Indoor Surveillance
  • Outdoor Surveillance

HID Fargo Printers

MAK Tree has partnered with a globally recognized brand HID Fargo in the domain of secure identity management to provide our client with world class technology. We at MAK Tree believe in providing one stop solution in digital identity vertical. HID is well recognized in Indian & International markets for the quality & support.

HID Global’s professional-grade card printer/encoder withstands the daily demands of high-volume printing. Additional security features – such as password protection and data decryption, locking dual-card hoppers for managing different card stocks, and optional holographic or fluorescent (UV) over laminates that dramatically increase card durability – also make this the ideal choice for organizations in need of advanced card protection and performance.


MAK Tree Security Solution provides fully – integrated accessories that support your building access control systems. We can help you choose the access control and time attendance accessories that are right for your solution.

  • Proximity Card Based
  • Mifare Card Based
  • UHF Card Based
  • Active Tag Based
  • Printer Accessories
  • ID Card Printing & Designing Software