Health Care Management System

MAK Tree Hospital Management System

The challenges faced by the health care industry these days are immense. Generic software cannot meet the unique requirements of health care.

MAK Tree HIS (Hospital Information System) is a comprehensive suite of software applications functionally made for managing the unstructured information and uncontrolled processes in multiple areas in a hospital. We have our market research and innovation teams continuously keeping close tabs on the changing needs of healthcare industry to create newer versions with value added features from time to time.

When MAK Tree makes your hospital electronic, your day to day processes go simple, communication channels work accurate, waiting times go down, your clinicians and staff get information in real time, costs are reduced, operations get streamlined, performance improves at all levels, productivity and profit level goes up high and you'll see your happy customers coming back to you over and again.

Moreover, this is a highly forward looking product that complies with globally recognized technical and business standards.

MAK Tree Hospital Management System

MAK Tree Hospital Information System

MAK Tree is a comprehensive solution for your healthcare business. It provides end-to-end capabilities to address the multiple aspects of Business Management and Clinical Management.

Hospital Information System (HIS) or Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) or Hospital Management System are synonyms of hospital e-Governance initiatives, which means making a hospital management paperless. This includes the clinical, back office and generic management of all activities. It integrates the entire resources of a hospital into one integrated software application.


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The most important benefits that a hospital gains out of a HMIS implementation are:

  • Least manpower requirements
  • Instant information retrieval
  • Timely treatment decisions
  • Information sharing between the healthcare specialists across the world
  • Access to DICOM images online if HMIS is web based
  • Saves lot of money to the promoters if HMIS is web based
  • Allows remote access to all stake holders including patients
  • Web based HMIS can also provide services such as online appointment scheduling
  • Accepting payment online becomes possible with Ecommerce for payment gateways
  • Online claims processing for cashless patients become far too easy

The Hospital Management Software provides several management tools such as EMR, which is more of an audit trail of doctors’ encounters with patients. EMR is a modern way of a hospital treating the patients. EMR covers past history, prescription suggested by doctors, opinion of distant consultants with the help of DICOM imaging or Tele-radiology. This means all vital information is residing in the system, which can be readily retrieved to help in making a timely decision.

MAK Tree HIMS Modules

MAK Tree Hospital Information System Modules

Front office/OPD management

  • Out patient management
  • E- Appointments booking
  • Enquiry /information desk
  • Insurance desk
  • Queue management system
  • Automated SMS & email system
  • MAK Tree KIOSK
  • OP billing

Clinical Management

  • Critical care/Emergency medicine
  • Doctor’s desk
  • Physiotherapist’s desk
  • Nurses station and ward management
  • Dialysis management
  • Cathlab management
  • Operation theatre management

Electronic Medical Records Management

  • EMR (Electronic medical records management
  • MRD diagnosis code marking
  • Document imaging
  • Transcription & discharge summary
  • Transcription & discharge summary
  • PDA Interface

General Administration of Hospital

  • Management information system
  • Human resource management
  • General store management
  • Telephone management
  • Canteen management
  • Asset management

Pharmacy Management

  • E - prescription
  • Pharmacy billing
  • Pharmacy store management
  • Finance management
  • Integrated finance management

H R Management and Payroll

  • Employee Details
  • Leave Maintenance
  • Attendance Process
  • Payroll Process
  • Statutory Reports

Supply Chain Management

  • Item Master
  • Brand Master
  • Category Master
  • Godown & Location Allocation
  • Stock Journal / Outward / Inward
  • Ageing Analysis
  • Stock Statement
  • Item Ledger

Product Service

  • Repair Machine Receipt
  • Repair Estimate
  • Estimate Confirmation
  • Spares Issue
  • Warranty Invoice
  • Repair Machine Issue

    Heath Insurance Management

Laboratory & Blood bank

  • Laboratory Information System
  • Lab equipment interface
  • Blood bank management

Radiology Information System & PACS

  • Radiology appointment
  • Radiology workstation
  • Document scan
  • Integrated DICOM Viewer
  • DICOM server
  • Telemedicine Interface
  • HL-7 Interface
  • Radiology reports
  • PACS

Housekeeping and Laundry Management

  • Housekeeping and laundry

Inpatient Management Module