Oracle Master Data Management

Oracle E business Suite

Oracle MDM provides comprehensive functionality to manage data over the lifecycle: from capturing data, to cleansing, identifying potential duplicates, enhancing and distributing the authoritative customer profile to the operational systems, in various MDM models including Registry, Transactional, and Hub.

Master Data Management Suite is used for ensuring high quality of data. In point of fact, Master Data Management Suite applications are used commonly for consolidating, cleansing, enriching, synchronizing, and sharing crucial data. Consisting of four different components, Oracle Master Data Management Suite seems one of the most complete solutions accessible in the market. With lots of included data models, the suite supports users with all tasks connected anyhow to master data.

Oracle Master Data Management Suite components

The Master Data Management Suite bases on hubs that are provided for each and every major master data dimension. Within such a hub, all the capabilities are included, what means:

  • Appropriate to the dimension data models
  • Data steward workbenches (help with consolidation managements in case of diversified data sources)
  • Data quality tools (appropriate to the type of considered master data)
  • A set of governance tools for business users
  • Advanced application integration tools
  • Differentiated data maps to better answer analysis tools' requirements (data warehouses, dashboards, etc.).

Currently, there are four types of hubs available: Oracle Customer Hub, Oracle Supplier Hub, Oracle Product Hub, and Oracle Site Hub.

Master Data Management

MDM Suite

MDM Suite features and benefits

In a few points, Oracle Master Data Management Suite:

  • Facilitates business processes optimization,
  • Increases (application) ROI,
  • Makes ERP consolidation possible,
  • Facilitates the excess of data systems within the organization,
  • Provides all the usable Master Data Management capabilities,
  • Includes all charts and hierarchies.

New product introduction times reduced by over twenty percent, campaign response rates increased by fifteen percent, integration costs reduced by twenty percent, so on and so forth. Oracle praise its solution for many measurable benefits it helps gaining in practice. It also reminds the cases of more than a thousand of customers who have already tried the solution and have noticed the growths. However, how the Oracle Master Data Management Suite is going to work at your company, depends on plenty of other factors with proper implementation before all other.