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MAK Tree Hotel Management System


When it comes to the hospitality industry it's the buzzword; comfort is certainly the most sought after obsession for both the guest and host. MAK Tree Hotel Management System, the latest innovation in customized hotel software packages, facilitates comfort at all levels of hotel management and thereby total comfort for the guest. MAK Tree Hotel Management System is empowered with easy methods and modules to manage the diverse functions of the hospitality industry.

In a competitive customer centered environment, running a hotel or resort needs a proper infrastructure backing and impeccable processes. An integrated and effective hotel management system right on purpose helps timely implementation of services and facilities.


MAK Tree Hotel Management System provides it; competence. Several reputed names in the industry, from star deluxe to medium hotels have already adopted MAK Tree Hotel Management System to improve efficiency and ease management affairs. On the technical side, MAK Tree Hotel Management System is a GUI based and WEB enabled Hotel Business Management Solution, developed with Oracle (Standard/Enterprise editions) as its database and Windows/Linux as operating systems, to provide efficient, reliable and secure data base management. To make it more user-friendly, the system is being divided into various modules. Each module gives detailed reports of various activities.

MAK Tree Finance Solution brings various benefits with some fundamental advantages to the Organization

The Hotel management system is designed to make you money.

The system lets you take control of your operations – improve your quality scores, build corporate business, capture additional revenues.

Our ERP enables your teams to take care of changing financial reporting standards, improve cash flow, and manage financial risks.

We’re confident you’ll be equally impressed with its affordable price and comprehensive service agreement.

Who can benefit when it comes to the hospitality business, no two properties are alike.

That’s why we’ve created the Hotel management system with the unique capacity for customization.

Whatever your properties ‘needs, there’s a custom configuration for you.

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Luxury Boutiques and Spas
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Country Inns
  • Extended Stay Facilities

Top Modules

  • Front Office Management
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Restaurant Management System
  • Banquets & Event Management System
  • Bar & Beverages Management System
  • Stock Control & Inventory Management
  • Asset Management
  • Finance Management
  • CRS (Central Reservation System)
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Web Based Reservation System (e-RMS)
  • Direct Messaging System(SMS)
  • Touch Screen Interface

MAK Tree HMS Modules

Front Office Management

The Front Office Management System is a multi featured module designed specifically for limited service independent properties and hotel chains. Its large, easy to read display gives quick to front desk functions with a touch screen graphic user interface. Simple user interface and online help make training new staff quicker and easier. Features include reservations, front desk, cashier, housekeeping, night audit, system setup and over 100 standard reports.

Key Features

  • User-wise Parameterization
  • Travel agent/source wise tariff
  • Business Centre
  • Front office budget
  • Guest History multi process sorting
  • quick check-in/reservation
  • Permission setting to delete/edit/discount
  • Reservation slab settings
  • Auto GRC/C-form printing
  • Finance Module Interface
  • SMS alerts to managers
  • Reports
  • Room revenue report
  • Sales register
  • Front office collection
  • Night audit reports
  • Cash-Credit flow
  • Guest history
  • Room occupancy chart
  • Reservation reports
  • Occupancy forecast
  • Business centre bills

Restaurant Management System

Intuitive and proactive screens give the product extreme flexibility in various areas of operations viz. fast food outlets, remote captain order etc. This system provides an integrated F&B module and materials management module. The F&B module allows for both Issue Based Costing and Recipe Based Costing.

Key Features

  • User defined control parameter
  • Supports multi currency/multi mode/cross mode settlements
  • Touch screen interface
  • Discount/edit/delete parameter
  • Check-in/check-out link info to front office
  • KOT item preparation description print
  • Remote KOT print with wireless technology
  • POS location toggling
  • Captian order bifurication to multiple kitchen
  • Seperate HOT/complimentary bill series
  • Direct interface to finance module
  • Room credit with food plan amount disply
  • Single bill split to multi pax option
  • Food-cost link to kitchen store module
  • Restaurant time/session setting
  • Reports
  • GUI reports (graph mode)
  • Billed/unbilled KOT list
  • Bills (detailed/summary)
  • F&B sales register
  • Cover turn-over report
  • Cash-credit fund flow
  • Item group-wise sales
  • Item-wise sales
  • Kitchen-wise sales
  • Complimentary/HOT bills
  • Transaction status
  • Budget vs. actual sales
  • F&B advance register
  • Monthly sales comparison
  • HOT report
  • Tips register
  • Duplicate bill register
  • Cancelled/edited bill details
  • KOT allocation report
  • KOT vs. Bills
  • Out-of menu KOTs and Bills
  • Location/session-wise sales

Bar & Beverages Management System

The applications here are configurable to user specific requirements making it easy to use and to obtain fast, accurate, up to the minute information for simple and complex environments.

Key Features

  • User defined control parameter
  • Purchase order generation
  • BOT print with wireless technology
  • BOT location toggling
  • Discount/edit/delete parameter
  • One touch speed billing option
  • High sale stock analysis
  • Finance module link


  • GUI reports (graph mode)
  • Item group-wise sales
  • Cash-Credit ledger
  • Sales performance VS budget
  • Stock register
  • Excess/short report
  • Purchase register
  • Group/item wise sales
  • Cover turn-over
  • TOT report
  • Excise reports
  • Sales register

Asset Management

The product has an impeccable record of proven efficiency, having been tried, tested and implemented successfully in a wide range of hospitality enterprises.

Key Features

  • Provision to categorize asset
  • Depreciation/appreciation calculation
  • Finance Module Interface


  • Asset register
  • Appreciation/depreciation reports
  • Ledger summary/detail
  • Financial interface statements
  • Forecast summary
  • Comparison reports;

CRS (Central Reservation System)

Through the CRS system, a single reservation is required for guest room/ function space sales for a chain of hotels on same/different days. Based on the availability, the user can directly reserve his/her room/function space. User will get confirmation through SMS alert and Email messages. Reservation advance is tightly linked through the payment gateway system. Bank transfer facility (e-Banking) also provided on this system. Online data transfer to the local premises of the Hotel through a Webservice is an additional feature of the system.

Key Features

  • Data transfer through Webservice.
  • Payment gateway.
  • Reserve multiple hotels through a single entry.
  • Availability chart listing for user decided period.
  • SMS/Email alert for confirmation.
  • Image binding facility for showing Room and Hotel facility.

Sales & Marketing

An extensive sales and marketing system is integrated with Hotsoft. With an integrated data base, hotels will no longer have to use interfaces to share data between operational modules. Instead, users will share identical inventory, customer and account information, rate availability.

Key Features

  • GUI Based Performance Reports

Direct Messaging System(SMS)

The DIRECT Messaging System (SMS) is one of the most secure, reliable systems available for sending and receiving mission critical messages. DIRECT provides the means to create, transmit, receive, acknowledge, retransmit/relay, and process Emergency Action Messages (EAM).

Housekeeping Management

A user- friendly module that helps the housekeeping department to manage day-to-day operations.

Key Features

  • Auto check-in/cheque-out link to front office
  • User rights
  • Common guest supplies
  • Periodical cleaning/maintenance
  • Extra bed supplies
  • Lost & found book keeping
  • Housekeeping stock control
  • Mini-bar billing


  • GUI reports (graph mode)
  • Supplies statements
  • Mini-bar bill register
  • Extra bed supply details
  • Stock valuation and costing
  • Guest response sheet
  • Room make-up register

Banquets & Event Management System

An exhaustive module to manage all aspects of a banquet / event with ease. Detailed reports and easy handling mechanisms are the most attractive features of this module.

Key Features

  • User defined control parameter
  • Function prospectus (FP) preparation
  • Banquet KOT print with wireless technology
  • Banquet location toggling
  • Credit master with finance module link
  • Supports multi currency/multi mode/cross mode settlements
  • Touch screen interface
  • Colour coded status bar


  • GUI reports (graph mode)
  • Reservation register
  • Detailed function prospectus
  • Banquet forecast
  • Revenue forecast
  • Cash-Credit ledger
  • Bill register
  • Banquet advance register
  • Sales performance VS budget
  • Banquet KOT list
  • Item-wise sales analysis
  • Discount/complimentary list

Stock Control & Inventory Management

Designed to meet the varied requirements of any size hotel or hotel chain, Hotsoft provides the tools to help you run your operation at a greater level of productivity and profitability than ever before.

Key Features

  • User defined control parameter
  • Purchase order generation
  • Quotation format design
  • FIFO/LIFO/Mean Average process
  • Auto stock update from purchase invoice.
  • Gate pass issue
  • Barcode reading to item purchase
  • Multi store stock transfer
  • Min level/reorder Level/Max Level stock position master entry
  • Item grouping method


  • Purchase register
  • Quotations
  • Stock ledger
  • Price trend analysis
  • ABC analysis
  • FSN analysis
  • Purchase Invoice Book
  • Min Level/Reorder Level/Max
  • Level Stock Report
  • Stock movement
  • GUI based reports
  • Supplier history
  • Purchase Order Book
  • Item group-wise stock Movement

Finance Management

Aimed at both the establishment and organization levels, this is an international solution that empowers organizations with a fully integrated flexible financial solution. This system is designed around the principles of delivering a packaged solution that has a low total cost of ownership, enabling users to set up a sophisticated financial reporting system.

Key Features

  • Parameter setup with cost-centre setting
  • Multi branch menu
  • Debtor/creditor grouping.
  • Book keeping with cheque printing
  • Budget with cost-centre analysis
  • Drill down options
  • Bill matching/unmatching
  • Multi level schedule settings
  • Online data posting from all modules
  • Online receipt/voucher printing


  • Day Book
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • General Ledger & Sub Ledgers
  • Profit/cost center reports
  • Cash/fund flow statements
  • Debtor management
  • Budget analysis
  • Audit control trials
  • VAT enabled
  • TDS deduction statements
  • Reminders/covering letters
  • Ratio analysis
  • Credit card re-caption
  • Auto receipt posting
  • Financial Statements (Trial Balance/P&L Statement/Balance Sheet)

Web Based Reservation System (e-RMS)

Users and comprises an Internet web portal through which the high volume user may access an integrated reservation system. Online booking is all about giving you power—and flexibility. It’s an easy-to-use reservation system that lets you control your inventory, promotions and packages, all in one web-based platform.

Touch Screen Interface

It’s one of the easiest to use and most intuitive of all PC interfaces. It lets you navigate a computer system by touching icons or links on the screen. It’s fast, easy and reliable.