Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence: ‘The single version of truth’
Data is valuable. Data is complex. Data is plentiful. Data is in flux. Data is fast growing. But to harness the power of data, one has to understand, capture, manage, and extract the meaning out of data, which, in turn, is the most challenging part.
A growing business organization wants to be well equipped to extract crucial facts from operational data and then act upon them quickly for a number of purposes—from preparing a presentation to making an important business decision.

The value of data can be unleashed for business users by condensing it and intelligently presenting only what is relevant to the problem at hand. Answers to highly strategic questions such as:

  • Do you want to know your sales per hour in peak season?
  • Is your business beating the benchmark?
  • Are you all set for expecting the unexpected turnover?
  • How many of your customers visit you between 7 pm and 8 pm; are they satisfied with your services?
  • How many children in schools in your region fall sick during winter every year?

Whatever questions stakeholders have about their organization, all of them can be answered using real-time facts. Having a clear insight of their own organization with real facts and figures can help them make better decisions by analyzing ‘their’ data. This is made possible through a Business Intelligence (BI) solution.
Over the last few years, a growing dependence on BI and analytics has been observed across every industry to drive better and swift decision-making. This is because BI is all about getting the right information, to the right decision makers, at the right time. A BI mechanism will help to convert your raw data into ‘knowledge’, thus facilitating strategic, tactical, and operational planning. To survive and thrive in today’s increasingly competitive world, BI is a ‘must have’ for all organizations, hiking effectiveness and growth over competition.
The MAK Tree BI CoE addresses these growing information needs of organizations by offering a wide range of end-to-end BI implementation with cost-effective services that fall under the BI umbrella.

Some of our solution offerings include:

  • Data integration including all kinds of ETL operations and data scientist work
  • BI reporting and analytics
  • BI DW consultation
  • Product engineering

MAK Tree's dedicated BI CoE is designed to:

  • Establish enterprise-level technology roadmap and strategy building
  • Implement technology and SDLC process best practices for BI
  • Provide BI solutions and architectural guidelines
  • Provide assessment of various BI tools
  • Help in establishing BI platform on cloud
  • Share knowledge in internal and external BI forums
  • Provide BI R&D activities

Business Intelligence

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Quick facts

With more than 170 skilled resources allocated solely to this CoE, we can deliver BI solutions with increased efficiency and productivity.
MAK Tree has partnered with some leading players in the BI world—MicroStrategy and Microsoft, to name a few—for more than five years now.
We deliver end-to-end intelligence services from requirements definition through development, deployment, and post-implementation support; that is, right from strategy development to implementation.
Our BI and big data analytics solution services can help you take your environment to the next level—whether you need more data, more performance, or more protection.

At MAK Tree, we endow you with a consolidated, scalable, manageable, and cost-effective infrastructure so you can deal with more data while increasing performance and information protection.