Implementation and Integration

Implementation & Integration

Business Hinges on Communications Excellence

Companies of every size know that a reliable, high performance telecom system is an essential component of successful infrastructure operations. Few businesses have the in-house skills or staff to address every system glitch, or investigate every new technology that comes out in the marketplace. That’s why most businesses learn that it's crucial to partner with a reputable communications technology company in keeping their communications solutions up-to-date and at peak performance.

Partnering with MAK Tree, simply makes good business sense. Our highly responsive professional sales and technical consulting teams are 100% focused on identifying, designing, implementing and servicing advanced communications solutions tailored to your needs and budget.

System Design, Implementation and Integration

We have been involved in end to end design, implementation and integration of many types of systems and conditions, including:

  • Re-implementation of end to end systems in a merged high tech manufacturing business
  • Design and implementation of an end to end new media supply system
  • Selection of new CRM  systems to integrate with existing systems in mobile telecoms provider
  • Redesign and restructuring of Customer Support systems for Telecom provider
  • Redesign and restructuring of content specification and production process for major new media content provider

MAK Tree Advantage


  • Capturing requirements from stakeholders.
  • Analysing and assessing technical, commercial and project risks.
  • Ownership of the design process (technical design authority) ensuring that the proposed solution meets the requirements and minimises risk, cost and timescales.
  • Detailed design of interfaces and system elements.
  • Implementation (and re-implementation)

Business process mapping and design

  • Gap Analysis
  • Expert implementation planning
  • Program design and management
  • System test and acceptance



  • Specification of interface requirements
  • Sourcing of 3rd party or informal systems where required
  • Integration planning
  • Integration testing

We can help with programme management of large, medium and small project, including management of third party suppliers.

With MAK Tree Professional Services, You’re Well Connected

Representing the world's leading manufacturers of communications systems, and proudly featuring a nationally recognized implementation and support team, MAK Tree goes far beyond just supplying the hardware and software you require. Our flexible team of voice and data communications professionals delivers proven expertise in all aspects of solution planning, acquisition and support.

Key services include:

  • System Design
  • Installation
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance
  • Moves
  • Adds & Updates
  • Remote Software Upgrades
  • Remote and Onsite Technical Support
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting